DFS announces GLS at Frankfurt approved for independent parallel operations and expanded service area

With effect from AIRAC 6 DEC 2018 DFS is implementing independent parallel operations for
GLS approaches at Frankfurt airport. Before 6 December 2018 independent parallel
operations were limited to ILS approaches only. Thus GLS approaches were usually not
cleared during inbound peak hours. Such restrictions will now be removed and GLS
procedures become a standard operation, also for mixed mode (ILS/GLS) conditions.
GLS CAT I procedures are available with 3° (GLS Z) and 3.2° (GLS Y) glideslope to all
runway ends.
Operators are invited to use GLS procedures at Frankfurt airport whenever practicable.

Change of GBAS parameter ‘Maximum Use Distance’ (Dmax)

The new amendment to ICAO Annex 10 Volume I amendment allows greater flexible use
of Dmax. Presently Dmax is configured to 23 NM. In order to overcome fact of missing
GLS deviations (CDI) on longer final approach segments, Dmax will be set to 35 NM at
German airports (Frankfurt and Bremen) on AIRAC 6 DEC.
Dmax defines the distance from the GBAS reference point where GLS deviations in the
cockpit become usable for guidance. The GBAS reference point is located at the GBAS
ground station.
Note that at distances beyond 23 NM GLS guidance is limited to advisory use only.

More information: DFS Operator Press Release