Multiple Meetings with GBAS relevance in June 2019!

This June is a busy month for GBAS worldwide.

In Toulouse the European GBAS Alliance has held a well-attended collaboration event June 4 and 5. The Alliance is investigating ways of working together for a future coordinated and synchronized deployment of GBAS CAT II/III in Europe.

More Information via the organizers here:
European GBAS Alliance Leaflet
European GBAS Alliance Event Invitation

In parallel the ICAO APAC Regional Office has held a workshop on GBAS and SBAS Implementation in Seoul.
Details and presentations can be found here:
ICAO APAC GBAS/SBAS Implementation Workshop

FAA and EUROCONTROL would like to invite you to the 20th meeting of the International GBAS Working Group, which will be hosted by FAA and United Airlines from 17-20 June 2019 in Denver, CO, USA. This is the main annual event for the entire GBAS community.

The full Calling Notice is here: I-GWG/20 Invitation and Calling Notice