Excellent participation at first virtual meeting of EUROCONTROL’s LATO group

Despite the COVID pandemic, more than 100 participants from 20 counties contributed to the 34th meeting of EUROCONTROL’s Landing And Take-Off (LATO) task force, held for the first time in fully virtual format. Despite the time-zone differences requiring some participants to stay after midnight and others to get up extremely early, presenters from the US west coast to Eastern Australia exchanged views and status reports on the implementation of GBAS technology, in complex airspaces such as New York, San Francisco, Frankfurt or other European capitals. The meeting was opened by Laurent Renou, Head of EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre and Head of Air Transport Innovation who confirmed the full support from EUROCONTROL to enhance GNSS Approach Procedures and to foster the Industrialisation and Implementation of GBAS Cat 3 in the near future.
The first meeting day was dedicated to the aspects of airports and ANSP’s, while the next two days will be dedicated to airline, industry and research institution aspects. Besides status reports group members also discuss environmental influences, business case aspects, implementations difficulties and common tools. The meeting will continue until September 3rd and close with presentations of the GBAS alliance, an industry grouping with the objective of fostering implementation and thus breaking the chicken-and-egg conundrum inherent in any introduction of new technology.